Keyword Research Vetting Strategies Implementation

It’s not enough to research the top keywords.
Explore your keyword universe for opportunities to growth hack.

Keyword Research Services

From competitive keyword volume research to Analytics search term report research, we understand that thorough and careful research sets the tone for a solid and profitable search campaign.


Keyword Research Services

Most SEO agencies and SEO consultants provide a disorganized, amateur keyword research service with false clarity, but without being backed by comprehensive and truly relevant competitive data — and without strategic insights. 

Iguana Sage spares you this critical mistake by providing a comprehensive, professional keyword research process, giving the client the opportunity to filter out false cognates and wrong contexts. We supply a fuller view of your options. Our data can be sifted and resifted to meet your preferred strategy. The resulting keyword research is a roadmap to your niche with locale and other factors already built in. We have the expertise and experience required to take any business and raise the bar on search visibility via white label SEO best practices, which rest assured, do work.

For more information on how to professionally create (or vet) your PayPerClick (PPC) and organic keyword lists, give us a shout below.