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Get the Iguana Sage roadmap to your digital marketing strategy with a professional-grade audit & SWOT analysis.

Digital Marketing Strategy Audit

Get the BluPrint .

Avoid needless additional costs, development delays, site problems, and lost profits due to avoidable web design and marketing mistakes.

From domain name selection to site design and launch tactics, there is no other service on the market that safeguards the serious business site owner in so many ways, helping to ensure optimum success within the first year from a new website.

  • Branded domain name selection informed by real-world search engine data
  • Competition Analysis of your industry competition branding tactics. Potential web applications fully outlined.
  • Keyword Research for your industry/niche
  • Full Marketing plan including
    • offline recommendations and input on
      • brand
      • logo
      • PR
    • online marketing methods and ad-planning considerations
      • SEO
      • SEM
      • Social Media Optimization & Profiles
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Web Publicity
      • Reputation Management
  • Full Site Wiremap
  • Web Dev direction with SEO, social and technology change in mind
  • Includes up to an additional 5 hours of consultation with your WebDev and Marketing Team

Possibly the most intelligent investment an entrepreneur testing the waters can make is the investment made when he or she purchases our BluPrint™ Consultation. Our own special complete research & consulting solution for internet start-ups who desire to save precious ramp-up time and costly capital, while better targeting their true objectives online.

An expert on online start-ups guides you through the key considerations, and core concerns, and leaving no room for doubt about what course of action to take.

We Begin with Consistently Branding
Digital Branding inputs are researched from scratch, evaluated and presented for the client’s thoughtful deliberation and approval, starting with your keyword probabilities and domain name selection. This is what will determine in the long run whether yours is to be a commodified business competing in the trenches of a price war that serves mainly the price-shopper, or a sought-after niche brand that can fetch a premium share of a largely unconsidered market before the compettition have the chance to out-brand you with bigger capital investments and overpowering ad companigns. Why should your idea get co-opted by the bigger kid on the block?

Getting to Know the Medium for Your Audience
“Who’s going to buy from me? And more importantly…why?”

More importantly, indeed. Studies tend to continually confirm that two main segments of consumers (whether B2C or B2B) are buying online: 1) price shoppers and 2) those needing information-based products and services. The first group is easy to figure out. Everyone appreciates a deal (often, even when it’s not the deal you thought upon purchase). The second group is really a plethora of burgeoning sub-segments and sub-niches that make up the future potential of online business: book and art lovers, counsel-seekers, people who want to join, try, experiment, plan, divulge, share, learn… in short, any activity of the mind is likely to fetch a premium. True, some will short-change their offering out of ignorance of the value of their own niche, but most will come to see why they should improve theexperience of their offering, not short-change it by cutting value-added “overhead”.

You can still do well on the net selling on price. And we don’t encourage those in that market to give up; they’ve got a place in the scheme of the online marketplace. But for those who are in informational or experiential markets and haven’t considered it at length, or feel unable to judge, we strongly advise you to get experienced consultation on the nature of how your current offering meets up with the internet, how to improve your product or service, and thus how to increase the premium your customer is willing, even desirous, to pay for your special, customized offering. Once you’ve successfully identified the internet as the place for your business as it is currently conceived, or have modified your idea to better meet the benefits the internet has to offer you, you can now…

Discover the Best Plan of Action
Small Business planning is important, but you should talk to us first if your business wil involve the internet. Why? Because ordinary small business experts can only tell you how to form a business plan, not confirm the viability of your business for the current internet market and the current strengths and weaknesses of the technology. The beauty of the internet is that you can invest less and reap far, far more, if you simply take your time, slow down, and focus. Getting lucky in love is one thing; depending on your lucky charms for the success of your business is just plain foolhardy. If you’re going to invest in your business, invest in a second opinion from an online marketing consultant who’s been around and understands the terms and laws of marketing and internet marketing, in particular… and do that first. Make sure your consultant has been at it for a while. Check references. Go with the majority of the feedback that you get. If no one benefitted from their creativity or vision or marketing savvy in any way that you yourself can verify for your own eyes or ears, don’t use them.

Deploy Your Plan Quickly
No plan is perfect… get as close as you can to perfection via our in-house internet marketing and niche research. And don’t jump in with both fists full of dollars until you feel you know more than most people entering into an online start-up. If you know you do, you’re probably ready. If you know that you don’t know where to start or how to proceed, that is how you know you need the BluPrint™.

We’re happy to provide the services we consult on. Our BluPrint ™ Consultation includes info on how to get started right away, plus accurately priced services to get the job done. If we take on the task of managing the project and/or the contracted tasks, involved, we will either provide them to you at our recommended range of real-world market value costs, or we will farm out the task at the pre-recommended cost and screen the professionals for the job.

Find out how. Call for a FREE initial consultation to learn more details about the BluPrint.

The BluPrint™ includes all major areas of concept and deployment, such as internet brand positioning, web design, database solutions, ecommerce solutions, merchant account setup, search engine marketing (including search engine optimization or “SEO”), as well as focused copywriting, SEM campaign management and public relations solutions (if needed), among others.

Want to Get Started?
Just fill out our contact form with all the available details you have on your business idea. An ICG sales rep will return your inquiry with a call or email outlining how we envisage your project and what further details are needed. Once we feel ready to proceed, you may pay at that time. Your full report will be ready 5-10 working days later. You will receive an in-depth phone consultation, followed up by a whitepaper outlining the details for your permanent records. You will have the option to have us manage your project and/or provide services needed by your new development plan.