Do you engage your prospects? I mean really engage them? If not, they’re probably passing you by. If your business isn’t generating leads, it’s only because you either don’t have enough visibility, or you don’t engage your leads that you already have.

Does your marketing lack engagement? And if so, what are you going to do about it?!

You may be asking yourself, “Is engagement really an important perspective”?

The online marketing industry has long factored engagement into the strategic use of the marketing mix, with the first statistically significant data being published as early as 2007. Today, engagement consumes a sizable proportion of online marketing budgets, particularly in relation to the exponentially expanding mobile medium. Taking into consideration the mobile-heavy direction of online internet usage via smartphone, tablet and wearables apps alone, we can see how important engagement as a focus is becoming in marketing today:

The industry is expected to stretch from $12.2 Billions in 2017 to $13.1 Billion in 2018 .

If isolated, the engagement process itself can be mapped out as follows:

So, how can your organization take advantage of the increasing need to engage your intended audience via your online marketing channels?

Enlist the powers of…

Using the powers of internet marketing (close listening, SEO, video, news results, social media) and good ole’ fashioned publicity principles, you, too, can engage the prospect with your own story!

We provide tips to help you create your own comprehensive, workable plan (and, of course, you always have the option to have us do it–for a fee, of course).

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Your customers want to understand more about what you provide. You want to sell more to them. This is where YouTube Yak comes in! 

YouTube Yak is a place where you can learn more about how video can enhance your reach and audience loyalty with a meaningful, educational video marketing piece that addresses the true needs of your audience, not just what you think they want.

You can do this if you wrap what they need inside the candy coating of what they want, and then revealing the more valuable item within, just at that moment when they are ripe for understanding the true value you have to offer them.

Prospects with short attention-spans require the power of brief, condensing video to get through dense material and cut to the chase. Underlined, bolded, emphasized, bulleted points that drive home information without clutter.

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