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Why CRM Drip Email Campaigns Require Optimization & A Funnel Of Their Own

If you haven’t tried drip email campaigns yet, you may now be aware of why opt-in campaigns are useful for creating not only long-term repeat customers in your CRM cycle, but also cheerleaders for your branding and product. Use of more currently available dynamically data-driven newsletter tools in conjunction with your website can be a winning combination when combined with the right social media strategy and sustainable Inbound Marketing principles. Pay Per Click, SEO and Remarketing can also be plugged into the recipe to produce a winning email list of motivated prospects.

Employ better email campaign tools

Use of currently available newsletter tools in conjunction with your website can be a winning combination when combined with a sustainable social media campaign. PayPerClick and SEO can also be plugged into the recipe to produce a winning email list of motivated prospects. List-dictated creative can enhance the messaging you emphasize tp previous your customers, letting them feel as if you’re speaking just to them. Just as display advertising and social media algorithms talk directly to the prospect, you can do the same right in your email. The difference in this case is that you already have their ear. They’re listening closer than you think. Address them by name and present them with special deals only they deserve in your eyes.

Using browser notifications yet? If you said no, you’re not alone. Most businesses in virtually every niche are failing to use these “insider” means of engaging their audiences. You shouldn’t be one of those missing out on the new way of staying in touch. Our research shows that brands that use both browser/device notifications and email get more engagement from their previous customers who know and trust them already.

Combine your “CRM channels” to improve drip email campaigns

We use Inbound Methodology and use viable SMB/enterprise-ready CRM tools like HubSpot, ConstantContactMailChimpCapsuleCRM, and Salesforce to create engaging email campaigns that attract, nurture and convert your leads. In some cases, you may not be ready to invest time and comittment of dollars to an expensive system buildout. We can work with that. 

Whatever your initial budget, we have a solution. If you’re already doing social media and have an SEO visibility established, or are doing Pay Per Click and would like to capture as much value out of that medium via drip email campaign leads, we can take your business to that next level by helping to find a sustainable solution with the right optimized, fully-tweaked email drip campaign that will work for your business and make the most of any ongoing blogging efforts. This allows you to focus your budget on strategy consulting from our agency and paying your own in-house crew.

CRM-building doesn’t have to be painful. Low-cost scalable tools like Streak can be set up, configured and managed for you with a Iguana Sage sales management professional so that your own in-house sales work more efficiently. We don’t mind working with clients who have a long-term relationship in mind and want to build trust based on solid metrics.

When you go omnichannel, you combine email, notifications, the power of customized organic SERPs and social media with a sensible paid campaign to stay top of mind as your customer’s needs and wants evolve over time. It means being there, right when they needed you, instead of banging at the door at all hours. This is what it means to engage via CRM funnels that save on time and cost of new branding and outreach efforts, while multiplying customer lifetime value.

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