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Web Copy Teams for Hire

Ever go to a webpage and cringe at the web copy’s hard sell or the lack of anticipation build? That could be what people are doing on your pages…is it? Are you sure?

Your site needs compelling web copy to attract both audience attention and that of search engine crawlers. Without it, not only will search results be missing for your offering, but you will have no content foundation for that offering to build other layers of marketing upon.

Balanced copy has

  • compelling, educational, empowering text
  • the “easy” factor
  • reasonably search engine optimized formatting
  • a key header graphic and possibly other helpful images
  • links to your explainer video or other related assets
  • a clear-cut next step along the conversion funnel
  • spelled-out info as to what can happen in the next funnel step
  • an obvious, appropriate call to action (CTA)

Learn how effective, scientifically-proven web copy techniques can enhance your marketing and sales…via SEO, Email, CRM and sales by helping you to engage your audience into conversions on your website!

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Your customers want to understand more about what you provide. You want to sell more to them. This is where YouTube Yak comes in! 

YouTube Yak is a place where you can learn more about how video can enhance your reach and audience loyalty with a meaningful, educational video marketing piece that addresses the true needs of your audience, not just what you think they want.

You can do this if you wrap what they need inside the candy coating of what they want, and then revealing the more valuable item within, just at that moment when they are ripe for understanding the true value you have to offer them.

Prospects with short attention-spans require the power of brief, condensing video to get through dense material and cut to the chase. Underlined, bolded, emphasized, bulleted points that drive home information without clutter.

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