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Google Analytics Reports for Clients

Google Analytics

Reporting, Analysis & Case Study Framing

We do expert analytics reporting, analysis and case study framing for direct clients and agencies.

For both agencies and clients, we use every resource to create useful case studies from relevant materials, supporting funnel goals. We understand building winning case studies is a crucial part of your funnel. We have the strategic marketing, copywriting and design expertise to make data sing.

DireCT Client

Kong Case Studies


We worked with web security startup, Kong, Inc., to blow up their case study client content to wow factor. Using available data points, research contacts, and other available case information. our case study specialist was able to highlight the incredible value to their security solutions end-clients better within their online prospect funnel.

Using winning content layout models, we conformed to their preferred look and feel, making every innovating IT-heavy client look as special as they are. The results are spectacular case studies that shine a light on the unique value Kong brings to everything they do.


Agency Clients

White-Label Analytics Services for Agency Clients

We’ve worked with agency clients to provide top-to-bottom reporting help on their current end-clients, showing all new traffic and conversions value. This was inclusive of an SEO and Google Ads campaign along with local search SEO directory management which bolstered the reporting during a crucial transitional stage toward SEO and other organic methods.

The results were broken down into multiple dashboards as well as a master dashboard in Data Studio allowing the agency to show total value brought via differing online and offline sources using a combination of jump-on points like QR codes and event vanity URLs. 



Agency Clients

Case Studies for Web Design Agencies

We lead efforts to bring together case studies for a web design agencies, producing stunning analytics-driven case studies that detailed value on multiple fronts in multiple dimensions. They need to show value for their key niche, and we deliver dynamic case studies that explained in brass tax what every client wants to know about a web design agency’s add-on marketing services: do they work? 


Client-voiced KPIs and traffic increases, as well as key page and blog post bounce-rate drop-offs were all detailed according to the reports, which were then packaged for easy client-access. Reporting services were then introduced to help walk sales through the value added per quarter.

Web Design Agency Case Study Design

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