Iguana Sage


We work like you do.
But with stronger coffee.

The Iguana Sage Backstory

We represent the best of local and national agency values in everything we do. We’ve come home. Our local clients in the greater Chattanooga, TN and Georgia areas hold a special place in our hearts. We plan to spend the next decade growing new things in Chattanooga for the next generation.

Our national and international clients understand our marketing expertise and value proposition. From Houston to Los Angeles, from San Francisco to New York, from Israel to Shanghai, we’re a part of good things the world over, making a difference for a better future — together.

Whether you need local flavor or a broad national appeal, we bring clear brand communication and innovative vision to whatever we do. We can help you discover that long lost puzzle piece you’re missing in all of your brand and marketing communications, connect with your ideal audience and realize your true brand.

Our 25-yr cumulative journey of experience is well-rounded:

  • Six years spent in key cities across the US working with local and national clientele in every possible niche, learning from the ground up, from web design to advertising & organic. Houston
  • One decade spent in the energy corridor of Houston, TX learning how enterprise builds America, working on creative and assisting other agencies with client campaigns.
  • Four years consulting abroad trying to understand the next wave of marketing to an overseas audience and consumer base, but also working with American marketing exploration of the APAC markets.
  • Now we’re back to promote the Greater Chattanooga Area, local brands and our unique local flavor to the world.

With deep knowledge and skill sets in all facets of web marketing, and with the longest-running experience being in search. Our founder, Mark Brimm, was practicing and closely following SEO since 1992 when Yahoo was the only search engine around. In 1996, Google appeared, and search changed quickly from there as social media hit the scene, inbound marketing took shape, and email marketing became more, not less, crucial to CRM and the evolution of the concept of the funnel.

As a marketing thought leader over the decades, Mark has authored numerous books, articles and even certification courses on the topics of SEO, PPC and web analytics, as well as ghost-writing and consulting for many Fortune 5-5000 companies and literally hundreds of SMBs and startups along the way, tapping into every digital channel and WC3 step toward the digital transformation. He’s helped to launch numerous next-level services and products agencies and for almost every niche.

Our Clients

We handle accounts of all sizes, nationally, locally and abroad, due to our ability to provide creative that respects today’s best practices. We specialize in spinning creative brand content that lets the brand sell itself. The way we see it, our job is to free the message to emerge, not impose it, and to promote American brands to the world.

We’re a Chattanooga digital marketing agency, located in the greater Chattanooga area in scenic Rock Spring, GA, just minutes from downtown and North Chattanooga. We don’t waste your time. We’ll meet you online via a prepared video meeting or, if local, we’ll schedule a visit right in your office.

A Familiar Work Ethic

We’re just like you. We prefer to get things right. And we can help you to find the missing puzzle piece for your marketing plan, the piece you would implement yourself if you only knew how.

Internet marketing changes fast and often. We’re here to make it simpler to navigate for brands like yours. We’ve got clear-cut solutions to drive targeted organic traffic for the long term and quick, effective paid solutions for the short term.

Proven Methods

We emphasize your company’s positioning via the correct sequencing of inbound marketing methodology and techniques, instead of wasting your marketing dollars on plans that run in circles. We do not use software to manage paid search or SEO campaigns. We focus on targeted creative and traffic building, CRM that does what it should, and funnels that feel like what they should be: a journey of discovery.

We adopt a 3-pronged service approach to ensure our value proposition, based on what we do best:

    • Competitive Intelligence (CI) research to learn from your niche
    • Comprehensive digital marketing strategy that sees everything
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that makes the invisible visible
    • Web analytics consulting
    • PayPerClick (PPC) strategy for quick traffic next week
      • Google Ads (Search and Display Ads)
      • Bing Ads (Search and Display Ads)
      • Social Media Marketing / Ads
        • Facebook Ads
        • Twitter Ads
        • Instagram marketing


    • Publicity strategy
    • Brand story strategy
    • Media kit strategy
    • Public & internal brand communications that connect


    • Content Marketing mgmt for long-term targeted traffic building
    • Search result variation & Web PR for the research phase
      • Press release optimization to reach your B2B audience
    • Retargeting that bring them back
    • Social Media Marketing for social proof and greater brand engagement
    • CRM optimization for better customer retention automation
    • Funnel optimization for better lead maturation with less effort
    • A/B testing for streamlined landing pages and funnels
    • Conversion Rate Optionation (CRO) for better ROE and ROI
    • Innovative new approaches to multi- and omni-channel digital marketing
    • Mktg team/contractor vetting, hiring & QA mgmt for your internal and external marketing teams
    • Expert project & campaign mgmt
    • Marketing program evolution / optimization