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  • How is your organic social media marketing doing? Is it really sufficient without the advertising component? Usually, the answer to that question is “no”. Often, companies will randomly select an approach to social but don’t approach it methodically. 

We practice social media marketing scientifically, methodically, by offering a professional-level, data-driven competitive intelligence analysis service. This analysis of your true online niche positioning yields a detailed strategy based on the market niche data, factoring in local vs national focus, the niche demographics, and demonstrated online niche behaviors and preferences. The analysis provides the basis for a roadmap of your current and target situation and how to get there, step-by-step, complete with a go-to-market plan with priorities, contingencies, projected costs (where possible), and a solid timeline.

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Typically included

While every research project is customized to the client and niche positioning, we generally include the following recommended consultation components whenever approved by the prospective client:

  • true competitive positioning on social media 
  • target customer profiles
  • the best social media platforms for your niche and brand positioning
  • an actionable, step-by-step plan to
    • optimize your site
    • optimize your social profiles
    • realize the best traction quickly with
      • a social media game plan, including
        • a roadmap of all associated SMM processes (fully outlined), including
          • the required social media marketing tools
          • a content strategy program outline for updates (both content and purely social)
          • a strategy for selecting unlimited update headlines
          • the best times to promote by platform and niche demographics
          • dashboard setup for tracking
            • social media marketing-centric micro & macro -progress KPIs
              • raw impressions by source/medium
              • raw clicks per targeted landing page
                • organic
                • ad campaigns
              • click-through-rates (CTR) 
              • social media referral traffic volume
            • business goal KPIs
              • online purchases
              • contact form leads
              • click-to-call leads
              • etc.
        • topics research to get the fastest available traction for your social platforms
        • a general social media advertising strategy covering methodologies for
          • working update headlines
          • follower campaigns
          • post-boosting campaigns
  • a virtual “face-to-face” screen-sharing consultation on our findings, analysis and recommended strategy & tactics
    • 100% of the consultation is represented in the cloud-hosted spreadsheet.
    • The live consultation is simply to field questions with targeted answers and try to emphasize or spot-document those within the existing documentation to help you better understand your strategy and resulting SWOT-resultant recommendations, such as processes and specific tasks & tactics, etc.
  • the option to have Iguana Sage affordably execute the approved & finalized social media strategy (upon mutual agency/client approval)

SMM cost factors:

The strategy consultation

The strategy consultation includes all research and analysis that go into creating the final strategy and associated tactics outlined in the final consultation report (a cloud-hosted, multi-access spreadsheet). 

The typical outcome of this strategy consultation is the created capacity to easily and readily plan for and create all of the required steps to social media success in your niche, spin up campaigns, as well as retain a full in-house understanding of all of the tools and processes involved, and the ability to build out your own working in-house social media marketing function. 

You may alternatively opt to have us do the execution and learn from our social media experts by observation and Q&A sessions.

The strategy consultation alone is based on our standard expert strategist hourly rate of $100/hr. 

The average consultation is perhaps around 10 hrs, however the proper time for this consultation can span anywhere from 5 to 50 hrs or more, depending upon the ambitions, content program and other outreach programs already in play or desired to be. 

Our content strategy consultation would be a separate consultation and would cover raw content apart from social media considerations. When added onto this consultation, however, the required hours may range from 5 to 10 if other factors have already been adequately covered in the social media consultation. 

For example, your content is video and/or image focused and YouTube and Pinterest were an approved deep focus for the SMM strategy consulation. In such an event, you might not need significant research beyond topics research for videos and images based on those two social media content platforms. In that case, you may need no additional content strategy or could require only 5 hours, unless you’re trying to maximize the direction with endless content choices and scheduling, etc.

Execution / Management

The execution, when managed by IS, would include cost mitigation via use of our internally-trained, process-competent and experienced specialists. We provide a QA process to ensure that all work is started correctly by trained and experienced specialists and is completed correctly and with quality on every social media marketing account.

Execution rates are hourly quotes that are separate and different from the strategy consultation rate. These rates are based on the rates assigned to our team members and may be substantially lower than the consulting rate in many cases.

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