As a business owner or marketing decision maker, if you’ve reached this page, it probably means that you already understand, or are just now accepting, the crucial SEO importance of ample optimized content, weekly blogging, social signals and the resulting engagement signals for most businesses who have products or services to sell, whether B2C or B2B. It probably also means that you realize your SEO blog writing content must come from a trusted source.

We have the “easy button” for your SEO content needs. 

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+ SERPs impact multiplier when quality backlinks exist!

Need marketing-qualified leads?

Prospects require familiarity and brand trust before acting on your offer — but are you visible for the right keywords in SERPs?

That means that you need to introduce yourself to the prospect via excess brand content visibility. This is brand recognition in marketing language, and it helps to qualify your leads as marketing leads, and then sales-qualified leads once they’ve been through your funnel (sometimes this is just a simple free consultation).


Sceptical of the efficiency of blogging?

Most blogging efforts are not being done corectly, because there is more to search results than blogging alone. The good news is that SEO blog writing has been thoroughly explored and proven effective as part of a balanced digital marketing program by countless sites selling services and products just like yours and in your very niche. Or is that the bad news?

Our top-tier, experience-backed PREMIUM Plan SEO blog writing service can be added on to boost the overall traffic from other digital channels that are already showing signs of life, like opt-in email campaigns and SEO, social media and even PayPerClick!

Prospects require familiarity and brand trust before acting on your offer — but are you visible for the right keywords in SERPs?

This allows you to avoid over-committing on your available time, and without breaking the bank on aimless ad spend that doesn’t acknowledge the brand recognition factor.


Have an AdWords campaign already?

Great! Advertising can later be plugged into your highly-performing BlogHero’s blog posts via remarketing display ads and other methods to better maximize the value of the already working conversion funnel that begins with your new page or post.

We utilize cutting-edge techniques most blogging teams don’t understand.

Tired of posting blog posts that don’t get seen? In our premium-level service, we help you boost your posts! That means that not only will your blog posts get seen more reliably in SERPs, but you have less to do to get the right signals to those posts. And best of all, we do it in completely white label, best practices-approved ways.

100% RISK-FREE* to try this “Done-for-You”
SEO blog writing service!

*When you subscribe for a (discounted) 30-DAY BlogHero™ STANDARD Service trial!

Discover how blogging can grow your organic search engine leads! Normally $375.00/ea. per professionally crafted, SEO-optimized, client-approved & launched post (@4 per mo., @3 mo.) >>> YOUR 90-DAY Trial Period Cost: Just $300.00/post!

Save time + opportunity!

Use it for blog, pages (product / service / informational), or BOTH! Our service works for any important website page you need optimized!

Pay a discounted rate!

If you’re not 100% satisfied, cancel anytime during your trial period (advanced subscription plan only) and never be billed again! No refunds for months already started (we will still deliver your work).

Stay ahead of the curve!

All accounts come with FREE recommendations already included right in your quarterly report! Just add execution!

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3 Tiers to choose from


Monthly at 4 posts per mo. 


/ per post

($1200/mo. + 3.5% PayPal transaction fee) 

Billed Monthly – Cancel Anytime!

  • Incl. Content Strategy + SEO Research

  • Approx. 750-3000 words each (based on our competitive content research. Avg piece imay be about 1100 words)

  • Each post is AI-enhanced and pro-copyedited for superior readability.

  • SEO-optimized within the text

  • Optimized for SEO + Structured data on the backend.

  • Each post becomes a targeted traffic lead magnet over time as you add authority backlinks and other signals on your team’s end (add on separately)


BlogHero™ PREMIUM*

Monthly at 16 posts per mo.


/ per post

12-Month* Contract ONLY! 12-month/annual advance billing at $52,800/yr. ($4400/mo. + 3.5% PayPal transaction fee)

Billed upfront at beginning of each 1-yr period.

* A 15% early cancelation penalty applies on our 12-month contract for this service.

  • DISCOUNTED from Advanced!

  • All the features of BlogHero™ Advanced!

  • PLUS a powerful native ad mini-campaign! (per blog post)

  • PLUS social media update writing! (for blog posts only)

  • PLUS social media post optimization! (for blog posts only)

  • PLUS social media update scheduling! (for blog posts only)

  • PLUS social launch party organization! – We’ll round up your biggest fans and invite them to like or share your post same day of launch! (for blog posts only)


Monthly at 8 posts per mo.


/ per post

 ($2280/mo. + 3.5% PayPal transaction fee)

Billed Monthly – Cancel Anytime!

  • DISCOUNTED from Standard Plan Price!

  • All the features of BlogHero™ Standard!

  • PLUS Google Analytics Reporting Dashboard & Goals/Conversions included!


  • See plan level terms pertaining to service deliverables.

  • CANCELLATIONS: Cancel before your account renews to avoid being billed (if billed monthly). 12-mo Premium plan contains 15% early cancelation penalty regardless of timing.

  • SERVICE MONTH INTERRUPTIONS: We do not refund any 30-day service period of service once it has begun, even in the case of month-to-month plans (Standard and Advanced). Your month-to-month (Standard or Advanced) cancellation must be received before the last day of your current 30-day service period (a 30-day period not concurrent with the calendar month). Your service dates will be provided upon payment receipt and updated to your client account via your client login. You may cancel anytime without cancellation penalty for both Standard and Advanced level BlogHero™ subscription service, but not for the more deeply discounted Premium level BlogHero™ subscription.

  • Premium plan discounted contract accrues an early 15% contract total cancellation penalty when canceled before the natural end of the contract. This policy allows us to confidently secure additional resources to your account 12 months in advance and ensure this rock-bottom discount contract price per unit with all of the added features in this value-packed package plan.

  • Your brand should have a small (5-15) but loyal group of brand social media followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, before you begin this service for best possible post-launch results in launching your own content.)

  • Your site MUST have an auto-backup option enabled on your CMS clearly accessible to our uploading techs at all times.

  • Client must provide a service login for uploading and back-end optimizing the new posts/pages with “SEO Editor” privileges already and consistently enabled so that we may deliver your service per post completed.

  • You must schedule your own posts both in WP and in social media scheduler/platforms unless purchasing our PREMIUM plan OR you plan to purchase this as a separate additional service @$100 per launch (see “Engagement Services” in service menu).

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“As always, professional interaction, high quality work, and fast turnaround. Thank you again!”

Yelena Taytslin

Sr. Mktg Manager,

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Clients typically see as much as a +37% average increase in raw search result impressions per quarter at the 8+ post/wk level, according to our internal analytics data. Over time, those search impressions give way to higher search rankings and landing page click-throughs when combined with a responsible (separate) program of authoritative, quality citations and curator-driven backlinks to our created blog content.
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Avg 12 mo. increase in targeted traffic

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