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How to Engage Prospects

Not Getting The Leads And Conversions You Want? It's Time For Funnel Optimization

With our expert funnel optimization strategies, we help you pinpoint and address weak spots in your customer journey. 

Is your business not generating leads? It’s because you either don’t have enough visibility or you don’t engage the leads that you already have. Similarly, if you’re having trouble getting leads to convert, there’s some bump along the way.

By having a straightforward, consumer-centric funnel, the path to conversion is easier for everyone.

What Is a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel shows the track your customers take on the way to conversion. It starts when they first become aware of your brand. Marketing funnels can also be called conversion funnels or sales funnels.

There are many different models for marketing funnels but the most common one is the AIDA model.

Awareness — At the beginning of the funnel, the consumer has become aware of your products or services, or just your brand overall.

Interest — During this stage, the consumer is curious, wants to know more about what you offer, and seeks out that information.

Desire — At this stage, the consumer has decided the product or service is worth it. They haven’t yet decided to purchase, though.

Action — This is the last stage, where the consumer takes action. This usually means making a purchase.

Despite the popularity of this model, it lacks an important last step: retention/loyalty. This can be implied in the Action stage but it’s often useful to spell it out. It’s often one of the areas that needs to be optimized

What Is a Funnel Agency?

Strategic brand consultancy combines the work of a brand consultant and a brand strategist. You might also hear this service be called brand strategy consulting. It focuses more on the strategy aspect of brand consultancy — fine-tuning the plan or roadmap that a company needs for its brand.

What Is Funnel Optimization?

So now that we know what a conversion funnel is, what is conversion funnel optimization? It’s the process of refining and improving your funnel to ensure you’re making as many leads into paying customers as you can.

Inevitably, most leads in the Awareness stage never make it to Action. That doesn’t mean you can’t optimize your strategy to make your funnel as efficient as possible. 

Sales funnel optimization starts with analysis. What does your customer journey or conversion path look like? Which parts are high-traffic? More importantly, which parts are high-exit?

Once you know which areas are lacking, then begins the process of testing different ideas and optimizing those patchy spots.

What Does Funnel Optimization Look Like?

Funnel optimization, including ecommerce funnel optimization, can take many different forms. Some of the most common and effective ways of optimizing sales funnels include:

Producing valuable content

Content marketing is incredibly effective in building brand awareness and trust. Blogging is one of the best mediums for taking advantage of this. We also enlist the powers of social media and video marketing.

Optimizing landing pages

A landing page is one of the earliest and most influential points of contact with potential customers. It should pique interest and communicate your unique selling points (USPs). 

Optimizing website navigation

High abandonment rates are an ecommerce company’s worst nightmare. Navigating your website should be as simple as possible. This also means making sure that your calls to action are clear.

Building customer loyalty

AIDA ends with “Action”. In practice, though, you can’t have your sales funnel just end after the purchase. Ensuring customer retention and building customer loyalty matters, too. This is how you’ll get repeat customers and fans.

Brand/industry monitoring

Keeping abreast of the competition, the trends in your industry, and your own brand reputation helps you know whether you’re making optimal decisions at each step of the way.

Building customer loyalty

AIDA ends with “Action”. In practice, though, you can’t have your sales funnel just end after the purchase. Ensuring customer retention and building customer loyalty matters, too. This is how you’ll get repeat customers and fans.

Ready to Try Funnel Optimization?

Our experts know how to optimize sales funnel strategies that you already have, as well as implement new ones from the ground up. 

After using our analytics tools to assess your current funnel, we’re able to provide you with a comprehensive, workable plan. From there, you can enlist our services to execute it. 

You can also hand it off to your own team. Not sure if they’re up to it? We can train them! You can also buy launch support just in case, at a special pre-paid hourly rate.

Are you ready to not only meet your goals but go above and beyond? Reach out to learn more about how we help you improve your conversion rates with our funnel optimization services.