BlogHero™ Blog Writing Service PREMIUM (12-mo advance payment discounted plan w/1mo. $1,899 Trial month included! Thereafter you will be billed one lump sum for the following steeply-discounted 12-mo. period. You will NOT be renewed automatically. There is no trial preiod.

 Plan description:

1-time payment of advance full $52,800 annual contract price per 12 mo. BlogHero service period. 

16 SEO-optimized, fully-researched, blog posts / mo..

Each blog post / page produced includes:

    • Content Strategy + SEO Research

  • Approx. 750-3000 words each (based on competitive content research)

  • SEO-optimized within the text

  • Optimized for SEO + Structured data on the backend.

  • Each post becomes a targeted traffic lead magnet over time as you add authority backlinks and other signals on your team’s end (add on separately)

  • DISCOUNTED from Advanced!

    • PLUS Google Analytics Reporting Dashboard & Goals/Conversions included!

      • All the features of BlogHero™ Advanced!

      • PLUS social media update writing!

      • PLUS social media post optimization!

      • PLUS social media update scheduling!(posts or pages, it doesn’t matter)

      • PLUS social launch party organization! – We’ll round up your biggest fans and invite them to like or share your post same day of launch!