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Branding Consultation

Grow Your Brand and Gain a Competitive Edge with Brand Consulting Services

You can leapfrog over the usual mistakes that come with branding by enlisting the help of brand consulting services.

Many moving parts need to come together to give you a clear idea of where you are and where you need to go. That’s why we believe in a holistic, outcome-focused approach to brand consulting.

What is brand consulting?

Brand consulting is a service that helps companies make smart decisions about their brand, using knowledge, expertise, and proven strategies. This can involve analysis, planning, design, and more.

What is strategic brand consultancy?

Strategic brand consultancy combines the work of a brand consultant and a brand strategist. You might also hear this service be called brand strategy consulting. It focuses more on the strategy aspect of brand consultancy — fine-tuning the plan or roadmap that a company needs for its brand.

What is a brand consultant?

A brand consultant (or branding consultant) provides solutions and expertise to companies to help them grow their brand. Experienced brand consultants know their way around the different services, tools, and strategies to do this.

What do brand consultants do?

What should I expect from a brand consultant? What is a brand consultancy expert going to do for me? When looking into any kind of service, these kinds of questions naturally come up.

Your specific needs and goals are unique but there are generally three main ways a brand consultant can help you.

Brand Research & Data Collection

Data is at the core of consulting. Before you can create a brand strategy, you need to know the hard facts that will define it. It’s not just about numbers; qualitative data matters too. A brand consultant can help with research-based tasks such as:

Brand Strategy & Planning

With research in hand, the next phase of brand consulting is to help you create a brand strategy that will elevate your business.  Depending on your situation, that strategy might include:

Brand Design & Communication

A creative company is a memorable one. Brand design is the most tangible aspect of branding. With the help of a consultant, you’ll know if and how you need to approach things like:

What do branding firms do?

A branding firm, or brand consulting firm, is made up of professionals working for the firm. These might include people like brand consultants, brand strategists, or brand management experts. A firm will usually specialize in one or two aspects of branding. 

If you know the specific thing(s) you need out of a brand consultancy, you could go to a branding firm that specializes in it.

What do branding agencies do?

Branding agencies also consist of a group of professionals, though they operate differently.  The individuals in agencies operate under the agency but work independently, as well. 

Unlike firms, you can access a wide range of services through a brand consulting agency. These kinds of businesses are the better choice if you’re looking for comprehensive brand consulting.

Do you feel like your brand is stagnant or directionless? Not sure where to start with the branding process? Are you saying one thing, but wanting to be another? 

There are so many reasons why a company could need to rethink its branding. Consider getting in touch with a brand consultant or agency if you:

  • Are just getting your business started
  • Haven’t been meeting goals and targets
  • Are having trouble pulling in new customers and/or retaining old ones
  • Aren’t getting engagement on your website or social media
  • Don’t have a clear persona or profile for your target audience
  • Feel that your company’s brand is inconsistent
  • Want to branch into a new market

Find Out How to Build Your Brand Through Brand Consulting 

Every brand is working with established limitations. We also believe, however, that every brand is able to transform into its own ultimate version. 

Whether your brand needs a little push or an entire overhaul, we can help pinpoint and address problem areas to get you to the next level. If your brand needs a shot of vitality, reach out below to learn more about our brand realization consulting services.