SEO Case Studies

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SEO Case Studies

The following SEO case studies represent cases from various industries. All industries, brands and websites are different and may face very different challenges and needs. Use this page as a guide to the kinds of results that are possible given enough budget and resources.

Law Offices & Paralegal

One of our core strengths is our ability to help law offices promote their services locally. We understand that most law firms operate within a specific geographic area, and we know how to optimize their online presence to attract clients from that region. Our team has worked with law offices specializing in a variety of practice areas, including real estate, personal injury, disability claims, and tax law.

CHALLENGE: For example, we recently worked with a personal injury law office located in a medium-sized city. Our team conducted extensive keyword research and identified the most relevant and high-volume keywords for the firm’s practice area and geographic location. We then optimized the firm’s website and local business listings with these keywords, and created a content strategy that targeted potential clients searching for personal injury attorneys in that specific city.

RESULTS: As a result of our efforts with on=page optimization, backlink outreach and carefully-crafted blog content strategy, the law office saw a significant increase in website traffic and leads from their local area. In just a few months, their website ranked on the first page of Google for several highly competitive keywords, including “personal injury lawyer [city name]” and “car accident attorney [city name].” This helped them establish themselves as a top personal injury law firm in their area and attract more clients.
Another case study involved a law office specializing in tax law. The firm had recently expanded to a new city and needed to establish themselves as a local authority in their practice area. We conducted extensive research on the tax law landscape in the new city, identified the most relevant local directories and business listings, and optimized the firm’s online presence accordingly.
As a result of our efforts, the law office was able to establish a strong local presence and attract more clients searching for tax law services in the new city. They also saw an increase in website traffic and leads from their target audience, which helped them grow their business and establish themselves as a trusted provider of tax law services in their area.


Industry: Energy

We helped bring a Fortune 5 corporation into the 21st Century of organic search. How? Our Founder, Mark Brimm, took Chevron Corporation into real-world SEO by adapting real-world internet SEO to their massive corporate intranet of operating companies, setting the standard for some time to come. Innovation is simply what we do. Chevron now has the researched capability to sell SEO services as part of their web design and communication functions to their operating companies sharing the same vast operational intranet.

The Challenge: In April of 2007, Chevron HQ in Houston, TX needed an SEO expert to lead research into how to bring SEO services to their vast corporate intranet. This would in turn allow the CBRES Web Services team to provide SEO services to their corporate intranet members, to facilitate better exchange of services and expertise. They also needed SES leadership for their summer SEO team. 

The Solution: Chevron hired our founder & Principal, Mark Brimm (then leading the agency under the former name of as an on-site contractor consultant to provide both for a 3-month project. He worked with the search engineers at Chevron to come up with a series of workable hypotheses that were then tested and confirmed, with some algorithm changes being made over time to fit the working model.

  • The research on the intranet search engine resulted in a positive outcome with the team being empowered to provide SEO services to intranet members and help foster an inner digital economy at scale.
  • Their summer SEO team process was empowered with processes that would refine how they do SEO for their main website and as a service to their corporate intranet members in generations to come.
  • New methods of optimization for assets previously not optimized, such as for PDFs and videos, as well as stepped-up methods of optimizing images and pop-up style informational windows and FAQs allowed Chevron to stay ahead of the SEO and retain higher visibility for their content in the short-term.


Client: Veillon Business Consulting

Services Performed: SEO, Content Strategy, Analytics Optimization

From zero to top 5 positions for local relevant service terms via blogging and on-page with off-page optimization tactics. End results: a 75% rise in rankings in just a 3-Mo. Campaign without resorting to any of the worst of the SEO industry’s tactics.

Microphone symbolizing Press Release Writing & Optimization

Addiction Recovery

We Beat the White House !

Industry: Press Release Optimization

Unique Challenge: Beat the White House press team on Google News for their own press event!

Our release showed for the most obvious search terms at position #1 across Google and Yahoo News engines in 2009 for marketing partner, Heller Networks, in promoting National Recovery Day.


Industry: Ticketing

Unique Challenge: Bring startup ticketing website, MyTicketIn .com, into neck and neck competition with the biggest companies in the game… without even a level playing field.

See figure above: From zero competitive terms ranked to over 1700 competitive terms ranked for one of the most competitive B2C industries online. Figure below: 64 Top 10 positions were achieved by the end of a 1-yr contract, with 38 of those stabilizing within the Top 5, and 13 competitive medium-length, specific local events and several general, top-competive concert terms ranking at position #1.

Their SEO Cinderella Story The client began this journey with a site that was limited from the outset by technical factors like an unoptimized dynamic page generation system. The platform disallowed many of the basic requirements for proper optimization, such as freedom to create content properly named. How can such a limited platform attempt to break into the open Top10 with the heavyweights? By committing to a Platinum level campaign, using our White Hat methods, the client enabled his site to be brought up from the several hundreds results below the surface up into the Top 10 and Top 5 results on the most competitive local/national terms they targeted, with 13 competitive keywords at position #1.

Common SEO FAQ

Help users search more about your sites and Increase your site ranking. 

“I already have a site at #1 in my industry. Can you get me multiple positions using another site or profile on the same Top10 Results page?”

Our answer: Often times, yes, there are numerous white hat SEO opportunities to legitimately promote a brand, and even from the same domain and product/service, all on the first page results alongside others from the same domain. It’s normally a competitive arena open to whomever has the most winning white-hat strategies at their command, the nature of the competition, and the industry.

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Obviously, no one can control search engines, and no one has the ultimate authority to make ranking promises.
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