Thoughts on Marketing in the 2020s

Is the street not a good place to see the market? I think it is…

Most branding, creative and marketing services agencies out there today are looking for a few holy grail clients. We are, too. But we consider that to mean a client we can actually serve.

…So what is good marketing?

I think the answer to that is curious marketing. When I learn about a new business model, or a rarer one, I like to hear about the vision that fills the founder with wonder. That’s the the part with all the potential.

On Main St., USA., there are lots of hucksters, starving artists, and wise people stashed away in the shadows. There are great places to eat and drink and talk. There are places where deals are made. And there are superheroes walking around, waiting for that random moment they can make all of this better. Really better. Kinder. Peaceful. Dare I say more righteous?

A lot gets said about justice when people really mean making others into targets. I’m not sure if justice really exists. I know that good exists. And evil. And things that work. And a lot that really kind of doesn’t. Marketing is often of that kind. Brands, too.

I started Iguana Sage LLC with one vision: be the spark that ignites vision. Writing blog posts has taught me that honesty is more important than truth. In a field that shifts underneath one’s very feet at times, long game perspective becomes a paramount concern. In that way, honesty seems to pay huge dividends. Even if it means losing the prospect or client. It’s better to live by a code, no matter what business you’re in.

Our blog will try to address the industry we inhabit with some heart, with spunk, and with a dash of real modesty in the face of the Unknown, as well as with whatever insights we possess that can actually be shared. It will try to be a place where asking questions and getting input is okay. And, I might add, it will hopefully be a place where everything comes with a grain of salt — just for good measure.

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