Why Your Brand Needs a Sound Logo This Instant

Sound logo wave

Mention of sound logos first appeared in Fast Company to my current knowledge — I found it via a surprisingly neglected Guy Kawasaki post on LinkedIn– but brands are already creating sound logos to compliment their visual logos, and I think this is something that will probably persist as long as there is a Web […]

Marketing Plans: Why Ecommerce Requires a Competitive Strategy Audit

Storefront illustration (local seo)

Is your Ecommerce website still in the gestation period? Do you sense that you’ll need a detailed digital marketing audit and marketing plan to launch successfully? That’s perfect. Here’s why… Most Ecommerce sites suffer from a lack of thorough research and planning. About half of those eventually get the structure in place, but at what […]

Thoughts on Marketing in the 2020s

Is the street not a good place to see the market? I think it is… Most branding, creative and marketing services agencies out there today are looking for a few holy grail clients. We are, too. But we consider that to mean a client we can actually serve. …So what is good marketing? I think […]

Interview with Flip180 CEO, Vee Banionis

You know you’re a magazine fanatic when you dutifully skim almost every magazine that passes your vision. We recently interviewed Vee Banionis of Flip180 Media to discover his thoughts on the state and future of online magazines, the future of print, and what resources magazine publishers can make use of.

How is Search Engine Optimization for Houston, TX Different?

Need Search Engine Optimization for Houston, TX? Search Engine Optimization for Houston, TX is not entirely different from local SEO for other cities (outside of knowing which area local linking sites actually drive the most traffic), but there can be differences both for content and social sharing that also depend on the industry. When it […]

Podcasts vs. YouTube: Which is Best & How to Promote

“Podcasts or YouTube? Which is better for me?” I was asked to comment on a client’s idea of doing a podcast recently. And of course, you don’t ask a marketer something like that without expecting a long answer. I saved the long version for you, dear reader. And here it is. Podcasts or YouTube? The […]

8 Quick APAC SEO Tips

SEO Case Studies

First of all, we should clarify here that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for APAC SEO! Every country is potentially different in special ways, right down to the most prominent search engine in use and the way to say the type of product you’re selling. The following  8 APAC SEO tips are a general checklist […]

#KatyPerry’s (and Twitter’s) #FakeFollowers

Recently, Twitter seems to have timed its baffling all-white color scheme mandate with @KatyPerry’s breaking of the 100 million follower record on Twitter, a natural win-win for both Twitter and Katy Perry. And while I personally do not bear any grudges against Katy Perry or her music (although I do confess I’m no pop star fan, […]

Stop Buying Snake Oil!

One of the most difficult parts of being a marketing consultant…is the turn-around factor. You think you’ve got a client who gets it. And they give signals that indicate they do indeed get it. And then, one day, they leave you a note in an email saying that they’ve lost their committment to finish even […]

10 SEO Lies You Probably Believe

SEO Truth vs. SEO Lies

Few of us (author excluded) have had the particular circumstances to be able to know the history of SEO and search to such an extent that they can know what everyone is doing wrong, often without even asking or looking. Some myths just survive despite all odds, because they’re based in certain myths that human […]

Wearing Too Many Hats?

Wearing too many hats? (a business woman multi-tasking)

You might not think people are watching your brand, especially when sales seem down, but they are…sometimes just before passing it over for another equal-marketing-budget brand that simply cares more about how they put themselves together. Some brands are malformed because the owner hasn’t committed to a workable strategy. The logo never fully formed or completed itself. The blog somehow didn’t […]

Designed to #FAIL

"FAIL" (business tips & advice)

I wish clients could hear the thought-processes going on in the minds of veteran marketers when what they think they are saying really sounds more like this: “We’re going to go ahead and F’ this one up. Outdated customized website development requiring huge hidden costs of doing business with us, because I know a guy […]

10 Reasons Facebook Advertising Works

Facebook (ads)

Just face it: you, your spouse, your kids, and even your mother is using it. It’s a major media property at this point for most people with internet access in North America and much of the rest of the world now. Facebook is to social media what NBC once was to television, back when people […]

National Versus Local SEO

Storefront illustration (local seo)

The Local SEO Dilemma Local SEO is no better understood than national SEO by most SEO newbies. So, the question remains. Is Houston, TX search engine optimization any different than for San Francisco, CA? No…and yes. Here’s why: Say you own a Houston business website and it’s brand new. The same ramp-up period may apply […]

When is Google Merchant Center Worth It?

Google Merchant Center Review

Google Merchant Center almost never makes sense for a small or medium sized business…unless, of course, you actually have tons of products, a product ad spend budget, have a shot at seizing a slice of profitable niche market share and have a good captain at the helm of your campaign. And then it makes all […]

SEO for Ecommerce Product Websites

[shopping cart] SEO for Ecommerce websites

  “Why do I need SEO for an Ecommerce product website if I’m already using Pay Per Click and Google Products?” One reason is because unlike the latter two paid traffic sources, SEO is long-term and independent of paid results. Search engine optimization is ultimately about long tail search relevance. Long tail searches are the […]