8 Quick APAC SEO Tips

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First of all, we should clarify here that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for APAC SEO! Every country is potentially different in special ways, right down to the most prominent search engine in use and the way to say the … Read more

Stop Buying Snake Oil!

One of the most difficult parts of being a marketing consultant…is the turn-around factor. You think you’ve got a client who gets it. And they give signals that indicate they do indeed get it. And then, one day, they leave … Read more

Wearing Too Many Hats?

Wearing too many hats? (a business woman multi-tasking)

Wearing too many hats? (a business woman multi-tasking)

You might not think people are watching your brand, especially when sales seem down, but they are…sometimes just before passing it over for another equal-marketing-budget brand that simply cares more about how they put themselves together.

Some brands are malformed Read more

Designed to #FAIL

"FAIL" (business tips & advice)

"FAIL" (business tips & advice)

I wish clients could hear the thought-processes going on in the minds of veteran marketers when what they think they are saying really sounds more like this: “We’re going to go ahead and F’ this one up. Outdated customized website … Read more