Wearing too many hats? (a business woman multi-tasking)

Wearing Too Many Hats?

Wearing too many hats? (a business woman multi-tasking)

You might not think people are watching your brand, especially when sales seem down, but they are…sometimes just before passing it over for another equal-marketing-budget brand that simply cares more about how they put themselves together.

Some brands are malformed because the owner hasn’t committed to a workable strategy. The logo never fully formed or completed itself. The blog somehow didn’t get the concept in place, the right name or idea and so never even got off the ground, and so a part of the mind just shut off in the captain’s noggin. Life is like that for most people maybe, but a business can’t afford to have that kind of attitude in charge. Businesses require a sharp, awake mind at the helm always looking for ways to improve, to cut away the dead weight, to get to the heart of their niche.

When you look at your business today, what is it that needs work? A logo? a slogan? That shifting front page of the website that has lost its sense because you’re wearing too many hats and the brand is getting lost in the shuffle? That’s happening because of your over-confidence or sense of financial desperation. If you’ve made your business work in the past, probably there are places to cut back, but they are probably not the skilled trades you took up thinking you were “smart enough” to do yourself.

Learn to let the experts do what they really do, so you can do what you really do. Having twelve hats as an owner of a product store mainly just lets everyone know that you suck at most everything including being a product store, because at the very least, an entrepreneur has to know what they are not good at, to manage people who are good at those things and get the results their business actually needs.

Business is psychological. Saying no to too many hats is sometimes about family dynamics. The spouse has too much say in a business they had little to no help in building in the first place. Maybe it’s a confidence issue, or simply even a resource management issue. Compartments help businesses thrive usually, especially when the organization of a large staff simply doesn’t exist. Your internet marketing needs experienced expertise just like your car does when it breaks down.

You can’t do everything. Stop trying to get everything done yourself and start managing your business, which is the true job of any entrepreneur. If this post was an eye-opener for you as a business owner or entrepreneur, do another entrepreneur you actually like a favor by passing it on to them. Truth that helps usually stings a bit upon hearing, but with maturity, we all come to realize that cuts need iodine and bad business strategies need an intervention. Pass it on.

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